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Client meetings requiring technical input are vital to ensure that the best solution for the client is proposed, taking into consideration the required facilities, future expansion of the system, the room environment and the architectural design.


From initial concept to final delivery and training DCPM offer a complete package that can be tailored to the client’s exact requirements and budget. Each step of the project is carefully planned and monitored so as to ensure that it completes on time, and full co-ordination with the client, main contractor and 3rd party trades guarantees a smooth transition from start to finish.


Working from an initial client brief a detailed proposal is created to capture each element of a project. It is important to understand the design of any audio-visual space needs to take into consideration many factors, such as room construction and acoustic properties as these are key to the successful implementation of the Audio Visual solution.

Communication across the globe without out the need for travel has become a major factor in many businesses as it provides both cost savings and effective time management. Video Conferencing has now become a key business communication platform which can be accessed by all employees using a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone to deliver high quality HD video reproduction.

With the latest wireless systems, presenting and sharing information is simple, painless and secure. Delegates can access, present and share information instantly, without the risk of leaving confidential files on a network computer or USB device after use. Collaboration wirelessly enables multiple delegates to share content and interact with a presentation so as to create effective communication.


Interactive technology has developed dynamically since its conception and the latest market leading products offer VC integration, interaction and the incorporation of wireless presentation in a single screen solution. As part of today’s business communications interactive displays are the key element to meeting room collaboration all around the world.


During the past 25 years DCPM have built a long term working relationship with a core nucleus of competent freelance audio visual engineers who are able to carry out all aspects of an installation, from first fix cabling to rack build, equipment installation, commissioning and programming, user training, maintenance and support.


Full CAD Design including detailed elevation drawings showing the layout and position of all equipment, power and data, rack layouts, and connectivity plate design. The provision of detailed cable schedules and schematics ensure that every system can be easily maintained with potential issues quickly identified.


DCPM have developed a long term working relationship with some of the best industry professionals to provide certified programming and skilled design support for high-end audio visual automated systems. These services cover both control and audio programming for all the leading manufacturers.


Working in conjunction with the client, main contractor, system integrator, architect, design team, and associated trades, DCPM work tirelessly to ensure a smooth delivery of the AV solution. This includes design meetings, regular on site attendance and liaison with all parties so as to ensure on time delivery of the project.


We believe that every client is different and as such the maintenance solutions provided are all tailored to meet the exact requirements of each client.

Careful consideration is always given to equipment support, as there are often core components that require 24/7 operation, and others that are not business critical. DCPM review each AV system and provide the required level of support at all times.

Planned Maintenance Visits are important to ensure that the equipment always operates at it’s fullest potential, and by carrying out regular maintenance visits the equipment downtime can be reduced to a minimum.

Today’s audio visual technology enables IP remote management, diagnostics and operation of systems, meaning that remote support can provide a working solution faster, and with minimal loss of valuable meeting room space.

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